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Causes of Stress

Stress is the main thing that pressures everyone’s perspective in life. In other words this is the ‘threat’ of every individual who are trying their best to accomplish the goals they have set. There are many causes of stress that are bringing everyone to their limits. Do you want to know the possible causes that consciously and subconsciously are hitting on you?

  • Whenever someone feel scared or feared something or someone. They stress-o-meter will start to increase and build up. It is because in their mind, they are creating negative possibilities that are the common result of the thing that they fear from. For example, they fear to fail in a certain test. And because of this fear, they will begin to imagine things that may happen to them if they really fail.
  • Being threatened is one general cause of stress too. Most of the time it is accompanied with the physical, mental, social, emotional and financial threat. Because of this, it would be hard for them to think methods in solving their troubles. And they ended in thinking the worst scenario.
  • Another one is uncertainty. Every person has their doubts inside their hearts and minds. When they start to doubt themselves and their abilities. It would be hard for them to see the positive things that lie ahead. They won’t be able to control their emotions and way of thinking, which enable them to feel scared and pressured.
  • Sudden loss of someone they truly love. In an instant, parents or family member died unexpectedly because of a certain accident. Because the left member of the family isn’t prepared with it. They reject to accept the truth and reality. They will start to build their own world that is perfect for them. Illusions that stressed them out and cause them to feel down and too much depression.
  • If it is involved with health issues. For example, you received shocking news that you only have few more years or months to live. This is very painful news, especially to those who have higher goals and dreams. It is like shattering and stealing their dreams away.
  • Crime and abuse. People who commit crimes might be too stressed out and there is no other way to release it but to commit it. And those who are abused may also feel the same way and begin to look themselves down.
  • Family changes including divorce and separation. This affects the children more than anybody else. These causes of stress may develop into psychological trauma and stress for these kids and their behaviour may changes all of a sudden.
  • Changing new environment, increase of responsibilities, financial issues and sexual dilemmas.
  • Another set of causes of stress are the following: too much demand in works, hard to control staffs and inflexible schedule. Inappropriate time scheduling, uncomfortable office or work environment. Bullying from office workers and weak relationship with colleagues.
  • Poor communication with other people causing misunderstanding, revenge and grudges.

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