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FACTS about Depression : Symptoms

Depression is always a response to a bad life situation like divorce, the death of a loved one, or a job loss. Sometimes, depression occurs even when life is going well. Depression can be triggered by things going wrong in your life, but it isn't always. Depression may be associated with a chemical imbalance in your brain.
If you can't snap out of your depression, it means you're weak. Depression doesn't mean you have a flawed character or aren't strong enough emotionally. It is actually a medical condition like diabetes or arthritis.
If you wait it out, your depression will always go away If you are suffering from depression, it may not just go away. For some people, depression left untreated can last months or even years.
Only suicidal people need antidepressant medicines. Antidepressants are not just for people who think about suicide. Antidepressants may help people who are depressed feel better, even if they do not have thoughts of suicide.
Antidepressant medicines are habit-forming, and they change your personality. Antidepressants are not habit-forming. They do not turn you into a different person - they simply make you feel more like yourself again.

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