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Every person’s worst enemy is stress. Modernity stands for high-technology  gadgets, machines and computer-based objects. It is also accompanied with work deadlines, demands from your superiors, pressure from clients and never-ending consumer demands. All of these things are considered as problems. And once these problems arise, the person who is bombarded with it will fall apart literally.

They will feel tired together with headaches, loss of appetite, loss of weight, nausea and a lot more signs. If it is left uncured, their body will begin to deteriorate, and their immunity will lower down their defenses. And in the end, various diseases and illnesses were capable to enter the body. Stress might be a normal body response. However, sometimes it could also be the main root of most and serious sickness that would probably affect one’s body. Because of it, your body’s nervous system becomes more sensitive in producing stress hormones.

There are many types of stress: it could be in a physical form due to over working without proper resting. The other one is in mental type; this could be the result of too much thinking. This usually applied to people who are working and dealing with paper works or head aching jobs. Students are more susceptible to this especially if there are major exams approaching. The other type is the emotional form that may cause depression.

Most of the major reasons why people were easily affected by stress are the following: money problems and overflowing bills. They will begin to freak out and start to think where to get money to pay it.  Life changes, for example, a newly married life or you are transferring from one place to another. Sudden change in the environment and problems in adapting and adjusting is a common cause. Work and relationship crisis, too busy with work, family and friend troubles are additions.

It could also due to insecurity, negative thinker, sensitivity, too many expectations, being a perfectionist and less assertive. Stress can also be observed because of some symptoms. There is a sudden change in the heart rate. There is an increase in the blood pressure, and your breath becomes faster. All your senses are sharper than before. You can easily feel anger, sadness and other negative emotions.

You will be surprised to observe that your stamina is increasing along with your strength. The speed also amplified and it seems you are capable of doing everything all at once. However, during this time your body energy is depleting, and all your defenses are lowering down. These are the common body response of stress.

How to manage stress properly? There are two methods used in eliminating stress. The first one is the do-it yourself method, and the other one is to attend stress management session and talk with counselors and other professional. The do it yourself method is the cheapest way. Various self-ways eliminating it is through the following: avoid the main source permanently or temporarily. A vacation would do. Relax once in a while, and while doing it have fun. Don’t isolate yourself too much.

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