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Almost all of the people now are trapped with their hectic schedule. No one can blame them if they buried themselves with works and tons of works. It can’t be denied that almost everyone aims to achieve something. And this something is what they called ‘goals’ or ‘dream’. They will do anything and everything just to fulfill their goals everything that they even tend to neglect their health. They don’t have any spare time to relax because they don’t want to waste time. Being dedicated to their profession is really outstanding. However, neglecting themselves is foolishness.

You don’t need to have a week of vacation just to rejuvenate and have a stress-free body and mind.

There is no need to force yourself  too much. Simple relaxation can be done at home or wherever you are. There are various stress relief methods to start with.

Sleeping is the cheapest and easiest method to rejuvenate. It is recommended to have at least six to eight hours of sleep for adults while eight to ten hours for children.

This form of relaxation could be done wherever you are safe and comfortable. The loss energy from the previous days of working too much would be replenished. And the next day you will be freshened up, looking and feeling good.

Another stress relief method is listening to your favorite music or watching your favorite movie shows the whole day during your rest days or weekends.

You can do it alone or with the rest of the family members and friends. You can also chat with them then talk anything under the sun, including office problems or other related problems. They might help you solving it out.

The damages that stress will bring to you might be hazardous. That is why you must be aware and extra careful. However, for those who are capable managing of their own stress. It might sound exciting for them. This will trigger to squeeze out their creativity skills and other means of survival. It isn’t really bad unless you become too overwhelmed with it. Balancing your normal and stress out life is must for you to last longer. Every person has their own relaxation and stress relief response.

It is also necessary to know what kind of response you normally display in certain overwhelming situation. There are three types of response (over-excited, under excited and frozen).

The symptoms that over-excited response established are the following;

  • The person may alternate strong emotions such as anger and agitated.
  • The best relaxation technique that could be use is to calm down and stay quite if possible. Take a deep breath all over until your system cool off. You may use meditation if you know how.

The symptoms that under excited response established are the following;

  • Depression is the major symptom when it comes to under-excited response. The emotion that it displayed is the exact opposite of the over-excited response.
  • Stimulating activities are recommended as its relaxation technique. Rhythmic exercises are good too.

The symptoms that frozen response established are the following;

    • This is the combination of the over and under excited response working at a time. The person may freeze, speeding and slowing in many ways.
    • Re-booting yourself is the relaxation technique for this response. It should be done carefully and safely.


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~ to help you relieve stress in your life ~

You are the master of your own future, you can achieve whatever you wish, determination and positive thoughts will become the beacon for the path to success. Do not allow fear to hinder your progress.

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