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Stress Management in the Workplace

The obsession with meeting targets and deadlines not only stresses out the top echelons of management, but also all the cadres of the workforce. If stress management issues are not adequately addressed in time, the productivity of the workers and executives suffers and pressures on the management mount. People begin to suffer from various types of mental and physical ailments which affect the performance of the brain’s activities such as memory, concentration and learning.

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In the UK alone, over 13 million working days are lost every year due to the stress and strain of every day work. Stress induces 70% of visits to the doctor and 85% of serious illnesses, sometimes resulting in serious litigation among employees and management.

In one US study as many as 40% of workers described their jobs as very stressful. People in their mid forties suffer more than young people. The study also reveals that young adults, women, working mothers, people with a lower level of education, divorced or widowed people, the unemployed, isolated people, people without health insurance and  city dwellers are more prone to stress.

All this leads to significant damage, bad publicity and loss of goodwill and time of both employees and employers. Stress management is essential, not only for economic and financial reasons, but also on humanitarian and ethical considerations.

The best course to treat stress management in the workplace is to arrange in-house recreation events such as plays and dramas, enactments of humorous anecdotes, games and sports and so on. Laughter and humour are the greatest stress busters. They create a different form of thinking and working in the brain. Research has established that humour dramatically changes the mindset of a person.

Another easy way to reduce stress is for an employee to go for a daily morning walk or jog. If this isn't possible, take some time out of your office and go out for a walk in the market or the park nearby. Leave the building and change your environment. Inhale some fresh air and enjoy the elements of the outside atmosphere—rain, wind, a bright or clouded sky, trees, flowers. These elementary changes will reinvigorate your body and mind.

Keep yourself active in some simple activity while you are outside. Do something that is energetic to shake the lethargy and boredom off your mind and body.

When back inside the office, take a glass of water and start sipping it. Water has not been called the elixir of life for nothing. No other liquid - fruit juice, coke, sports drink or Red Bull - howsoever nourishing and filling it may be, can become a perfect substitute for water. All the vital organs of our body, our brain, heart, blood require water to function properly. Its short supply may cause your body and mind to work at less than its full potential. Its shortage may cause dullness and stress at both physical and mental level.

The air conditioning and heating systems installed in offices may cause dehydration in the body. Keep a bottle of water on your desk. You may even find yourself drinking it unconsciously! Just a sip may cause a welcome break, howsoever short, in your work pattern. Having a power nap during your lunch hour is another idea that you can use to recharge your spent out battery.

Remember, by reducing your stress levels, you are doing not only yourself good, but the organisation you work for too. Who knows, perhaps other workers will follow your example and you will start a stress-free revolution!

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