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How to Manage Stress

The best way to manage your stress is to somehow disengage your mind from the cause of stress by indulging in some physical activity such as playing games, outings, shopping, picnics or mental activity such as solving cross word puzzles, watching TV, solving mathematical problems, meditation and so on.


Meditation can take several forms. One such form is Karate meditation. It is a simple, fast, powerful and efficacious technique. It involves simple breathing exercises with meditation. Breathing has been proved to have significant effect on the mind, body and moods. It helps you become physically and mentally more relaxed, alert and focused. So whether you are stressed out due to a taxing day at your office, or, had a tiring day in your business dealings, this quick and proven exercise can refresh you for the next day. Moreover this exercise does not take more than ten minutes.

Sit in a comfortable position preferably in a lotus posture, that is, sit comfortably erect with your legs crossed. A still better position is to sit with your legs beneath your buttocks with your knees resting on the ground directly in front of you. If both these positions are not easy sit anyway you like.

Breathing in Meditation

Close your eyes but keep your head and back straight. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Take a deep breath expanding your belly and hold it till you count 6 or as you feel comfortable. Exhale and repeat the exercise two or three times. Now breathe normally for a short while and start the exercise again this time breathing through your nose and releasing the breath through your mouth and expanding your belly as you did before. Focus your attention on your breathing all the while.

If your thoughts drift away to the taxing problems ahead of the day or the day behind you, gently refocus on your breathing and try to remain in the present rather than in the past or the future. Keep feeling the air moving in and moving out. That is it. Continue doing this practice daily and you will be able to manage your stress quite easily and successfully.

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