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Young women, especially those in their twenties, are among those most likely to be hit hard by stress. At this age, young women often feel the pressure of building a rewarding life, with demands emanating from their careers. At the same time they may be feeling the strain from their relationships. These two signals, often confusing from within themselves, may conflict with each other, causing further stress on the part of the young woman.themselves. Another study involving 40,000 women revealed that most 25 year olds are living close to the edge of a nervous breakdown.

The stress levels occurring within this particular group are especially relevant today, as the rights won by women over the past few decades - independence, education, career opportunities – are increasingly prevalent in all spheres of human life.

Studies carried out on women aged 22 to 27 showed that up to 32 per cent binge drink at least once a month and 22 per cent smoke tobacco at least weekly. A further 7 per cent felt that life was not worth living and moreover 3 per cent of women at that age tend to deliberately hurt others or themselves. Another study involving 40,000 women revealed that most 25 year olds are living close to the edge of a nervous breakdown.

Friends and family are often a stress factor, with major pressure points being relationships, money and work - everyone wants the best for their family and spouses, but this is not always easy to achieve.

What many women find to be the most difficult is striking a balance between getting ahead at work, managing life and getting things organized. However, if this is able to be achieved, the life of a young woman is much easier.

More information is available on new and expecting mothers.

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