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There is benefit for you in every situation. Even in the face of defamation or harsh words from others.

To turn a negative comment into a valuable life lesson requires inner strenght and the determination to not accept adverse comments from others.

For example, in a situation where angry words were exchanged, why not see it as a chance either to perceive things about your own character which need changing or to rehearse some virtue or quality that you need to put into practice more often?

In this way you can transform anything into a constructive lesson. Never think that you've learned enough and now can stop. You should love it when people try to correct you or give you advice.

Keep the motto to check, change and be entertained.

Check the self and my reactions to others, change the self and dont wait until others change, and in the process let lifes events entertain you and dont get depressed my them, in this way life will be a jouney of change and enjoyment.


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You are the master of your own future, you can achieve whatever you wish, determination and positive thoughts will become the beacon for the path to success. Do not allow fear to hinder your progress.

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