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What exactly is phobia? Are you afraid to be left alone at night in the dark, do you get really frightened when you look down from a 20th floor window, or do you scream when you see any kind of insect? Well, if you answered yes to any of the above, it is most likely that you are suffering from phobia.

A Phobia is present when you are scared beyond the normal expectaions that an object or situation would cause. And for these situations, there may be no valid or justifiable reason for what you are frightened about.

Your mind exaggerates the situation, and portrays it in such a way that causes you to think about it in a different perspective, making it seem frightening. This creates fear within yourself, hence developing the phobia for that particular person, situation or object.

Research has shown that phobia is most commonly found in the female population. At the top of the list of phobias suffered by women is agoraphobia and zoophobia. Agoraphobia, the fear of open spaces, occurs three times as much in female than in males. Zoophobia is the fear of animals. 95% of zoophobias occur in females



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