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Suicide in Young Men

The rate of depression in males has dramatically increased over the past few years. One lamentable effect of this rise is the increase of suicide rates, particularly among younger men.

Men are more vulnerable to committing suicide than women because men, in an effort to uphold their image, supress their feelings and ignore the fact that depression is slowly eating away at their mind.

Governments have started to look into this so called "generational phenomenon". They have also started to plan some initiatives, including the different support that these young men can access to prevent or reduce the suicide rate.


Depression can be treated through the use of psychotherapy or in severe cases, medications. However, people must not remain ignorant about the symptoms of depression in order for it to be treated in time. Instead, they should be aware of the consequences that follow should nothing be done. Care should also be taken with other substances which may be ingested. Research has shown that in many depression cases, drugs and alcohol can be a factor in the cause of further complications.

Don't wait to become a statistic of suicide - talk to someone now.

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