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Do you want to live a longer, happier, healthier life? Well, get involved! Be it the local book club, spiritual work, volunteering or even reading a newspaper, interacting with the world around us increases our chances of having a better fulfilled life

Research has shown that people who are involved in their community have a better chance of living longer and better.

The Okinawans who stay in the cluster of islands that are between Japan and Taiwan are living examples to this theory. They are reported to be the longest living and healthiest people in the world. The Okinawans surround themselves with a tight knit community of family, neighbours and friends, developing their spiritual lifestyle and carrying out volunteering work. This may be the reasons why they enjoy and live life to a ripe old age.

Our emotional existence is built on creating relationships with people. To do this, we must first get involved in the community so that we can get to know more people. This will lead to us experiencing a longer and better life.


To enhance the quality of our life

As human beings, we are all social creatures. Experts have stated that without interaction, people usually suffer from boredom, low self esteem, low motivation and even poor job performance. They would have a negative outlook on life. People who are connected however find that the quality of their lives improving and also find it easier to cope with hardships that may come along.

Stave off Depression

Mental health is directly protected by optimism. Better mental health can lead to better physical health.

Increased Safety

Research has also shown that people who are more involved in their community have less possibility of experiencing violence in their life. It also reduces the rates of serious crimes in the community.

Giving a little of your time and putting in some effort in getting involved in your community would give you rewards. It would save you time, reduce your stress level and in the process your health would be improved.

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