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Regarded as one of the most dangerous and common psychological disorders. Depression is a malady that takes diverse forms and grips people strongly, giving rise to serious repercussions until it is effectively treated. Depression is a psychological disorder which causes emotional trauma in the lives of individuals.

Ranging from mild to severe forms, depression can cause numerous problems in the social and personal lives of individuals. While mild depression may crop up as a reaction to any stressful event, severe or major depression usually lingers, causing great destruction in the lives of concerned individuals.

Depression can grip all, regardless of age, sex, socioeconomic status, and other factors. However, research indicates that the usual roots of depression can be traced to the early 20s of depressed individuals.

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Symptoms of Depression

Symptoms of depression usually depend upon the age of the individuals. With small children and youngsters, depression usually exhibits itself in emotional and behaviour abnormalities such as withdrawal symptoms, irritability, lack of interest in everything, and many more. With elders, the symptoms are more physical than emotional.

Typical symptoms of depression include psychotic, appetite, sleep, and behaviour disorders. Please click Depression Symptoms to find out more about what to look for in a person suffering from depression.

The causal factors of depression include genetic as well as environmental factors. Studies show that depression can be hereditary and passed on from one generation to the other. Environmental causal factors include discord in marital life and other such stressful situations and incidents. 

Symptoms of depression, such as feelings of loneliness, helplessness, anxiety, restlessness, and bouts of sadness, can occur when an individual suffers a major loss in his or her life, like the death of a close one, or undergoes tensions in their marriage or at their workplace. When such symptoms persist for a prolonged period of time without any reduction in their degree or intensity, it is time to seek professional help or treatment.

Treatment for depression includes a complete diagnosis by a psychotherapist, and appropriate therapy treatment which can provide relief from mild as well as severe depression. Other treatment procedures include taking antidepressant drugs.

Depression is often ignored as periods of sadness and loneliness are seen as passing phases in lives of individuals. However, depression is a serious disorder and should be diagnosed and treated before it takes the reins of life and impairs it forever.

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