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Post Traumatic Stress

Each person have different experiences throughout their lives and these experiences gives them lessons where they can learn to survive and cope up with the changes they are encountering. Experiences can give you either a good or bad memory; it is up to you how you confront these experiences for you to be able to function as a person. But there come a time when a person cannot go through a bad experience specifically a traumatic one which can make him unable to cope or confront the facts about it. This can lead a person to have a Post Traumatic Stress.

A person who has a history of any trauma or abuse in life can develop post traumatic stress. Traumatic events that can cause this stress are sudden death of a family member or any related person, severe accident or natural disaster. A common example of abuse that can lead to this state is violence against women and children, being abused sexually can degrade a woman or a child’s life.

Once a person experience any of these traumatic events, he may display possible signs and symptoms of post traumatic stress like, frequently dreaming about the trauma, reoccurring flashbacks, avoiding anything that reminds about the event and hypersensitive over the things around him making him irritable and have episodes of angry outburst. These acts are an outcome from a person who cannot deal with the experience that he just had. If this is still happening for a long time then consulting a professional should be done

Intervention and management is offered for persons who have this case to help them gain their self esteem back, focusing their view in life, that they are a survivor. A priority in managing a person with this situation is his safety, a person who has this stress has a tendency to hurt himself, that is why full support and cooperation from family and friends is needed so that the victim will feel that he is not alone.

Guided with proper motivation the person with PTS can express his feelings whenever he relives the experience that he had, this procedure is done gradually to avoid triggering any unnecessary mood that the victim may exhibit. There are support groups that are open to those who have this kind of stress, their goal is to make the person gain his strength to face the problem and help him have a positive outlook of himself.

It is difficult for a person who had just experience a traumatic event in his life. This can affect his way of thinking and living, the worst thing that can happen to a person with this problem is that he may lose full connection and control over his life. This situation can greatly affect the family or friends, because they too are suffering whenever they see the person they love undergo this kind of trauma. It is best to seek professional aid from persons who can handle this cases that will help all the way through the therapy.


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