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Stress has become a kind of universal epidemic that is spreading world wide. The more it is cured, the more it appears in newer and subtler forms. If stress is not managed when its symptoms appear, it may make deeper and stronger roots and manifest itself in serious and abnormal behavior. Stressed people take to dubious and harmful methods like smoking, drinking and so on to relieve it. They suffer from low self-esteem and lose confidence. They stammer while talking and stumble while walking. Stressed out people may stuffier from panic attacks, fears and phobias, sour relationships, anger, frustration, insomnia, depression, physical pain and many other mental and physical ailments. Stress management consultants use lots of different techniques such as visual imagery, metaphorical representations and hypnotherapy to reprogram the mind at the unconscious level to deal with the stress symptoms. Hypnotherapeutic techniques are now recognized as the most successful way of supporting people and de-stressing them.

For example you have become a smoking addict to release your stress and want to get rid of it. The stress management consultant may encourage you to visualize yourself being quite happy throughout the day or full week without smoking.

You may be asked to rewrite your history of smoking. For example, you are offered a cigarette by a friend on the first day you started smoking. You visualize yourself declining the offer, or, walking past the cigarette shop without even looking at it. Instead you visualize yourself visiting a restaurant and spending the same amount of money on eating a sumptuous pizza.

The aftermath of quitting smoking may appear in form of weight gain as smoking artificially raises the metabolic rate. The stress management consultant may assist you to use the technique of metaphorical representation and visual imagery to exercise control over your own metabolic rate to make sure that it remains at the same level when you stopped smoking.

In the same context of quitting smoking, your consultant may guide you to use certain techniques to tell your unconscious mind that you no more desire to smoke as you did before. You may be asked to mentally revisit every time or circumstance relevant to your smoking. For example, you took the first cigarette with your morning cup of coffee, the second cigarette while driving. the third cigarette …. Your repeated affirmations before your unconscious mind strengthen your determination against smoking and you quit it altogether on one fine day.

Yet another technique that your stress management consultant may encourage you to adopt is to associate smoking with its ill effects like coughing violently. Every time you have an urge to smoke you visualize yourself wheezing and coughing with your facial features violently distorted. You visualize the taste of cigarette like that of a burning rubber.

You may be asked to visualize your future without smoking. How happy and confident you would feel! When you give up smoking the basic reasons such as stress, anxiety or nervousness that actuated you to start smoking are thus addressed. These techniques actually erase those feelings from the past memories so that you feel lighter and more self confident.

The stress management consultant may advise you to use techniques that deal with all kinds of disempowering beliefs which stop you from giving up smoking. You may be obsessed with the lack of your willpower to quit smoking. You are encouraged to challenge this debilitating diffidence by bringing the affirmative and positive beliefs to your conscious awareness. You challenge all the reasons that led to your failure in the past as no longer relevant now.
 Your consultant encourages you to set up rewards for yourself for giving up a certain negative attitude. Reward yourself with a gift of a trip to mountains for quitting angry outbursts over trivial provocations.

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You are the master of your own future, you can achieve whatever you wish, determination and positive thoughts will become the beacon for the path to success. Do not allow fear to hinder your progress.

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