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Stress Management Activities

Stress has become an inevitable part of our daily life adversely affecting our physical and mental health. We must, therefore, undertake some stress management activities in order to live a balanced and healthy life. There are some unconventional exercises which not only relieve the stress but also deliver additional value in form of monetary savings. You do not have to pay any consultation fees to the psychiatrists or spend money on medicines.

These unconventional stress relieving exercises are productive and creative without involving any formal stress management techniques.  They can help you feel more relaxed and enjoy life besides getting the things done also. Some of these activities are:


Your house clean-up may have remained neglected for a long time since you have remained busy with your problems and the resultant stress. Why not switch on your radio and start tackling the cutter of your drawer, room or you whole apartment. Spray and wipe your window panes and watch how fresh and spotless clean they appear. Go to your kitchen and wash the pots and pans with warm and soothing water. Vacuum clean your carpet. The physical activity can divert your mind from your problems and release the stress from your body. The repetitive movements can lull you into a near meditative state of mind. You are rewarded with nice looking cleaner surroundings when you are finished.


A neat, clean and spruced up garden enhances the beauty of your house and surroundings. Cast aside your worries for some time and start digging, pulling, trimming, watering and weeding out your garden. Plant new flower saplings. Fertilize and tend the existing plants and vegetables. The fresh fragrance of the flowers can have soothing effect on your taut nerves.  The welcome sun shine fills you with much needed vitamin D and inner peace. A few hours of physical labor may bring in a deep and relaxing sleep.

You can play with your kids who have been yearning to enjoy your company and just sing your favorite songs. These and similar physical activities are great stress relievers.


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