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How it is when you are super stressed out? Without hesitation, you will immediately answer that stress is freaking you out! Who wouldn't? Although not all the time stress becomes a hinder in your work and activities. There are also moments where in it becomes the drive or the force to do your best. However, too much of it is really head-breaking and you want to fall out.
What will happen if a person could not handle his or her stress self? The most likely scenario would be the following:

  • They will exhaust themselves until they can't even lift their fingers.
  • It would be hard for them to swallow food and begin to loss their appetite. There are also some who rely on foods and will continue overeating as their appetite increases.
  • Recurring headaches and then they will blame it as a symptom of migraine or other illness even if it is really a cause and effect of stress.
  • They will drown themselves in depression. They will cry until they don't have more tears.
  • They also tend to blame themselves, then to other people.
  • Irregular sleeping hours. It means, they sometimes over-sleep or under-sleep.
  • They will find refuge. And it is more on vices such as drugs and pills or other forms of relaxants. Then they also smoke and drink alcohol to forget the real source of their stress.
  • Their behavior will change all of a sudden. They become moody, melancholic and irritable.
  • They are more alert and frustrated.

Those are things that will happen to you when you are too stressed out. Those behavior and actions will surely affect your normal life and living. If you feel like you have symptoms like these. It is okay if you will undergo stress management. When you manage your stress wisely, it would be easy for you to deal with people, events and the things that gave you a lot of stress.

It is really painful to be caught in a certain situation where in you know you can do something to work it out yet your mind is unable to provide you the right decision. Great decision making comes in a clear and great way of thinking. True, if you have a hazy mind and things just blew up in incorrect proportions, it would be impossible for anyone to make the best decision. They will end up making an abrupt one, improper planning and incorrect vision.

One of the major causes of inappropriate decision-making is due to stress. A person who is blinded with too much work with improper method of reducing stress may result into this. And probably, would experience the same scenario. A scene full of failures and embarrassment, you don't want it, right? That is why, to prevent this to happen you need to learn techniques and healthy methods in reducing stress.

Speaking of healthy and unhealthy methods of coping up with stress, yes, it is true. There are methods that were used that may cause negative effect to the body. It includes using or relying from vices such as smoking and alcohol. Moderate usage is recommended, but there are some who take it in higher consumption. Too much smoking may cause lung cancer while drinking too much alcohol may result into liver cancer and other related diseases. There are some who used drugs too, which is very dangerous.

Being knowledgeable in healthier methods to reduce stress you need to adapt with the environment and change the bad situations to your ideal one. For example, instead of avoiding the source of stress (stressor), why not adapt to it instead. And learn to accept it if you can't change it.
By learning the main causes of your stress. It would be easier for you to avoid it to prevent yourself from stressing out. Sometimes, stress may also come in you. In an instant, you want to impress someone or challenge yourself by accepting a lot of jobs and activities. You have your limits too. Don't push yourself too much.

If there are people who are causing you more headaches if possible avoid them. Manage, control and organize your environment and surrounding. Avoid arguments during the reducing process. It will just force you to think too much and would pile up another set of stressing ideas.

Of course, there are things that you can't avoid wherever you go, and no matter what you do. Instead of escaping why not try to change that certain situation instead. Try to communicate further, if you have something in mind don't hesitate to relay it to them. Always manage your time wisely and be more confident.
If you can't really change the situation, then you need to adapt with it. Live that situation while controlling everything. Make their problems your problem and create other methods to solve it. Ask them for advices and help you know you can't do it alone. Avoid solving the problem alone. Be more positive and focus. Learn to accept that there are stuffs that you can't change and adapt. Look in different perspective. And nurture yourself. Have a leisure time by yourself through that reducing stress is easy and fun. It is a balance and healthy lifestyle.

If you can't find the perfect time to relax then why not re-organize and learn the proper management of stress? You may be wondering if it is really possible. Of course it is. It doesn't need to be expensive or in an extravagant place. You can do some management of stress in the comfort of your own room or offices. How?

  • Always bring your organizer with you. If you have secretary tell her or him to at least spare an hour or two for you to rest.
  • Use your spare time wisely. You can have a nap or do things that would leisure you. Example, computer games or reading your favorite novels or books.
  • You can also take a nap or meditate during your break. And while doing this think deeply and pin point the reasons why you are too stressed out. For example, is it because of work and your workmates pressuring you? Or is it because of your family at home and other things that are bothering you and such?
  • Once you've identify the cause already sit or lay properpy. Make sure that you are comfortable enough. Then, take a deep breath. Inhale and exhale all over again. This technique will allow oxygen to enter your body and release the bad air from your system. This is very helpful in stressful situation.
  • Know your limitations and learn to accept that you are just an ordinary person. You are not a superhero and you can't do anything. You only have one body and you can only do few things at a time. If you know you can't then say 'no'!
  • Don't blame yourself. If you belong in a group and it happened that the team failed doesn't dare to blame yourself about it. Remember, it is a group. All of you should contribute and not just you.
  • Increase of spiritual power through meditation and yoga exercises. This just won't enhance your spiritual power but your physical body too.
  • Maintain a balance diet and proper exercise.
  • Don't neglect yourself because you are busy. Eat according to time.
  • Listening music and watching your favorite movies are also helpful.
  • Talk with friends and colleagues. Don't be too focus and have a healthy relationship with them. If you have problems voice it out.



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