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How to have a Happy Life through Management of Stress

Stress is the one source of health problems that people are having today. Learning management of stress or stress management can give you a happy life and a lighter feeling. Stress has many symptoms which differ from people, situations, and the rigorousness of it. These include physical health decline and depression. When a person is under a lot of pressure from his or her surroundings like work, family responsibilities, problems and other stressors he or she is likely to undergo depression and health problems.

If we are in this situation learning on how to do management of stress is very important for our well-being. How to do it? The following are suggestions for you to do to lead a happy and stress free life.

  1. Have regular exercise
  2. Get a hobby
  3. Do meditation, deep breathing
  4. Enrol in Yoga class and do it on a regular basis
  5. Read books of interest or novels
  6. Pray
  7. Go to spas
  8. Spend a lot of time in nature
  9. Listen to music especially instrumental, new age, classical, psychedelic, Christian and sleep music
  10. Join religious organizations or social network groups
  11. Attend stress free related seminars
  12. Have a vacation
  13. Spend some time outdoors
  14. Spend quality time with your family
  15. Spend quality time with pets
  16. Do time management
  17. Take natural medicine or supplements

Stress has now become normal occurrences in today’s living standard. Learning to properly do management of stress, coping and living with it in the healthiest ways possible could also give you a healthy life away from health problems that is mostly related to stress. In order for you to attain it you should avoid unnecessary stresses by learning to say no, avoid people who give you so much stress, take control of your environment, and analyze your schedules, responsibilities and daily tasks so that you can anticipate things and knows how to handle it. Learn to express your feelings rather than suppressing it, be willing to compromise in situations, be more assertive, and manage your time better.

Further reframe problems or look at it in a more positive perspective, look at the bigger picture of your life or do forecasting, adjust your standards and don’t expect too much from other people, and learn to focus on the positive side of life as well as your own positive qualities and gifts. Also learn to accept the things that you cannot change. We don’t have full control of all situations that happens in our life by learning to accept things and by looking at the positive area of life can also help in lessening stresses. Learn to share your feeling that is why it is important to have a group of friends who understands us and can relate to our situation as well as having somebody to talk to. And the most important part is to learn to forgive. Giving forgiveness is the most pleasant thing to do and it can also lift up our spirit as well as look at things in a different perspective. Life is so much better when we have friends instead of foes.


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